A Simple Guide to Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot maintenance includes making sure that all pavement symbols and paint lines are clearly visible. These stripes enable your customers to safely navigate your parking lot, which lowers your liability risk. And keeping your parking lot lines clean and fresh also makes your business look more professional.

Parking lot paint inevitably fades over time. To ensure paint lines stay crisp and bright, you should repaint them every two to three years. If you notice an increase in parking lot accidents, it may be time to reexamine the layout and touch-up paint lines.

Whether you’re installing a new parking lot or freshening up the existing paint lines, the following guide describes the process of parking lot striping and how you can prepare.

When to Restripe

Ideally, parking lots should be restriped every two to three years, depending on usage and paint quality. Discuss the pros and cons of water and oil-based paint with your contractor.

The best time to restripe is when the weather is warm and dry so that the paint will dry faster. It’s also best to plan your painting project when your business is closed or expects low traffic. This way, you won’t need to redirect as many vehicles while waiting for the paint lines to cure – a process that takes several hours.

Parking Lot Striping Equipment

  • Parking lot striper – Also known as a paint striping machine or pavement striper, these make easy work of the painting process. Most machines allow you to adjust the width of the spray paint lines, and they easily create clean, straight lines on your parking lot surface. Make sure the machine is compatible with the paint you’re using since some machines will only work with specific types of paint.
  • Paint – Before starting, decide whether you want to use water or solvent-based paint. Water-based paint is becoming common due to changing environmental regulations, but you may prefer solvent-based paint if your community allows it. Be sure that the paint you select is designed for pavement, or it won’t last. Also, determine the amount and colors you need. Yellow and white are used for most areas of parking lots, while blue is most often used for ADA handicap parking spaces.
  • Measuring tape – You’ll need measuring tape or other measuring tools to create precisely sized parking spaces.
  • Parking lot stencils – Depending on your needs, you may need a variety of parking lot stencils such as ADA handicap parking logos, letters, numbers, and arrow symbols.
  • Safety equipment – Ensure your safety by wearing a paint mask and proper shoes while painting.

The Striping Process

  1. Repair any cracks or potholes – It’s best to make these repairs before starting the painting process. Otherwise, you’ll need to stripe again after the repairs are made.
  2. Clean the parking lot – A blower is the most effective way to accomplish this. If you have a smaller parking lot, you may choose to broom-sweep. You should also consider power washing the entire surface to ensure it’s as clean as possible.
  3. Measure and mark parking spaces – Use a measuring tape and pavement marking tape to measure and designate the spaces correctly. For the best adhesion, choose tape that is specifically designed for pavement.

Decide ahead of time whether you want to make straight parking stalls (90 degrees or angled parking stalls (45-60 degrees). The standard size for parking spaces is 9’ x 12’. In aisle ways, you need a minimum of 22’ (straight stalls) or 16’ (angled stalls). *For the most accurate information, research your local jurisdiction’s requirements.

  1. Once the parking is cleaned and prepared, it’s time to start the painting process. Using the paint striper, begin rolling the machine to spray the paint into the desired area. Two coats of paint are usually needed for it to adhere properly to the asphalt.

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Parking lot striping is complex and intricate, but it’s necessary in order to keep your customers safe and decrease your liability risk. From College Station to Bryan, Brenham, and beyond – we offer local business owners an unbeatable value. Contact us today if you need parking lot maintenance.

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