Have you ever thought about your parking lot as the ‘Welcome Mat’ to your property? Property managers have a lot of responsibilities – but maintaining an appealing and functional property is crucial for attracting and retaining customers and high-quality tenants. Consistent asphalt repairs and maintenance will keep your property looking professional and attractive.

What Does Your Current Asphalt Surface Reveal?

Now is a good time to take a long, objective look at your parking lot. What does it reveal to you? Here is a maintenance checklist to help you determine what your asphalt surface needs.

  • Do you see cracks that are larger than ¼ inch? If so, they should be cleaned, repaired, and filled to limit the amount of water that can penetrate the asphalt surface and weaken the structure and integrity of the sub-base.
  • Do you see cracked sections that are beginning to spread? If ignored, spreading cracked areas could lead to a costly and extensive repair or resurfacing project down the road.
  • Do you see potholes or other surface damage? Try to fill potholes before the cold winter months arrive. Potholes can damage cars and be dangerous to pedestrians – especially if they fill with water and freeze.
  • Do you see faded asphalt? It might be time to sealcoat your parking lot.
  • Do you see asphalt stains from oil or debris? Surface stain removal is an easy way to restore the beauty of your asphalt.

General Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Hopefully, after closer inspection, your asphalt doesn’t require serious and costly repairs. If it doesn’t, make sure you keep up with preventative maintenance to ensure your surface continues to perform well and look great. You will extend the life of your asphalt if you make timely repairs on minor surface problems.

  • Sealcoating – There are many benefits of sealcoating, and regular sealcoating every two years will increase the lifespan of your asphalt surface. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from deteriorating by acting as a barrier against oxidizing elements that can damage it. A high-quality sealcoating makes your parking lot surface more resistant to traffic without cracking. It also hides surface-level flaws and restores the rich color of your asphalt, which makes your property more appealing to customers and potential tenants.
  • Asphalt Maintenance – Asphalt patching minimizes the appearance of cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement – and it’s a vital step for proper asphalt maintenance and restoration. Patching asphalt is a cost-effective way to prevent expensive repairs of the entire asphalt surface.
  • Parking Lot Striping – Clear and visible parking lot markings make your parking lot safer and keep your property looking professional. To ensure your parking lot is functional and appealing, touch up parking lot striping every two years to minimize the effects of constant traffic and weather damage.
  • Phase Repairs – If your parking lot is large, think about phasing repairs over 1-2 years. This will ensure that your repairs won’t disrupt your customers or tenants.
  • Major Restoration – Every 10 years, you should budget for a major restoration of well-traveled areas.

Partner with an Experienced Asphalt Contractor

At Premium Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating, we have worked with many property managers and understand your budgetary needs and time constraints. Whether you need parking lot installation, repair, maintenance, or sealcoating – we’re the local paving contractors you can depend on for durable, high-quality results. We are located in Gause, Texas and proudly serve Bryan/College Station and the surrounding Brazos Valley. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next commercial or residential project.

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