Curb appeal can improve property value for commercial properties, just like it does for residential properties. Curb appeal equals higher property value.

Curb appeal is also better for business because an attractive exterior will attract customers. It makes an excellent first impression and shows that you take pride in your business.

So, how can you boost the curb appeal of your business?

Here are 4 tips sure to inspire you!

1.  Maintain Exterior

Look at your building through the eyes of your customers and remember it’s a reflection of your business. Does the paint need refreshing? Are the windows smudged and grimy?

Address any issues you find, no matter how small. Consider a fresh coat of paint if it looks worn or cracked. Wash the windows, so they’re clean and shiny. Power wash the building’s exterior to remove dirt.

2. Spruce Up Landscaping

Adding greenery and seasonal flowers will increase your business’s curb appeal and be a warm welcome for your customers. First impressions say a lot about your brand, so sprucing up the landscaping and keeping shrubs trimmed will make a big impact.

3. Maintain Your Parking Lot

It’s essential to maintain your asphalt parking by repairing cracks and potholes. If neglected, these minor damages will cause extensive and costly issues down the road.

Make sure your parking lot striping and signage are fresh and easy to see. Your customers depend on these to safely navigate your parking lot, so it’s crucial to keep them bright and crisp by repainting as needed.

Sealcoating your parking lot or driveway every few years will protect your asphalt and keep it looking clean and new.

Remember that preventive maintenance is easier (and more affordable) than major repairs.

4. Readable Signs

Exterior signs help customers easily locate your business. Your main sign should be visible 24/7 (even when you’re closed) since it advertises your business. In addition to your business’s name, it should also clearly indicate your purpose and the service or product you provide. You want to make sure potential customers know what you sell.

Invest in quality signage that potential customers can see from the street, read quickly, and will last for several years. Choose a brightly colored sign that contrasts with your business’s exterior and complements the surrounding shopping area.

Final Thoughts

Implementing these four tips will help improve your business’s curb appeal and attract potential customers.

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